Preventing Heart Disease Via Weight Loss Los Altos CA Doctors Are Suggesting

By George Fisher

You have so many different organs, and one of the most important is the heart. More often than not, a problem that's related to it is regarded as something so serious. In fact, all over the planet cardiovascular disease is the leading reason behind most cases of death. Worry not because you can actually keep it at bay, and such can be done through weight loss Los Altos CA experts are highly recommending.

So many different things can cause cardiovascular disease to come into being sooner or later. They are referred to as risk factors, or matters that can considerably raise one's chance of developing illnesses or diseases. There are risk factors for heart-related problems that are unavoidable as well as avoidable.

Age is a risk factor that cannot be dodged. Heart problems tend to be more common among the elderly. Another example is gender. According to doctors, heart attacks and strokes are more common in men than women. Then there's also having a family history of heart disease. Just like so many other diseases known to man, problems concerning the heart can in fact be passed by a parent to his or her offspring.

Some risk factors for the dreaded disease can actually be avoided. Some well-known examples include cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake, too much stress and unhealthy eating. Doctors say that being obese is another risk factor for heart disease that can be evaded.

Having too much body pounds is linked to an elevated blood pressure reading, which is something that can put the heart and also arteries in peril. The fact is it can also endanger so many other organs, from the kidneys to the eyes. Poor management of high blood pressure can put an individual at risk of encountering either a heart attack or stroke one day.

It is very much possible for you to have elevated cholesterol if you are overweight or obese. Your arterial walls may become hardened if your blood has excessive amounts of bad cholesterol. Plaque aggregation may cause your arteries to become narrowed, which can lead to the formation of a blood clot. The presence of a blood clot is something that can increase your risk of having a stroke if it affects an artery to the brain, or a heart attack if it affects an artery to the heart.

Needless to say, losing excess pounds is highly encouraged. This is especially true for those who are at risk of suffering from heart-related issues due to some other risk factors. Leading an active lifestyle and going for a healthy diet are two very important components to weight reduction. Both of these steps are best done under the supervision of a doctor in order to keep unnecessary problems at bay.

Shedding off excess pounds also enables you to dodge a lot of other health concerns, many of which can be very serious. One example is diabetes, a disease with no available cure and associated with numerous complications. Doctors confirm that there are various types of cancer that you may be able to avoid by dropping unwanted weight.

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