Obtaining Holistic Health And Wellness Service For Anxiety Management

By Karen Edwards

Around 40 million people in the US are diagnosed with anxiety. Clearly, it's the most widespread form of mental illness in the country. Many of those who are suffer from it frown upon the administration of sedatives. That's because these drugs are known to be highly addictive. They're also notorious for causing all kinds of adverse side effects. If you are on the hunt for a drug-free way to manage your anxiety, consider going for holistic health and wellness service.

An integral component to drug-free relief from anxiety is effective stress management. The presence of a lot of stress hormones in the body can have the fight-or-flight mode set in motion. The moment that such is activated, it's not unlikely for an individual's mind to be suddenly flooded with anxious thoughts.

Stress can also cause a number of really unfavorable physical symptoms, all of which can aggravate the mental disorder. Heart palpitations, for example, can leave someone with health anxiety to feel extremely terrified as a rapid heart rate is often linked to a heart attack. The various physical symptoms brought about by stress can definitely worsen anxiety.

Clearly, it's of utmost importance to deal with stress effectively. Such can be attained by coming up with effective coping mechanism intended for stress reduction. Some very common examples include deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. It is also a good idea for an individual to enumerate his or her various stressors, and then eliminate those that can be dodged in order to keep high levels of stress at bay.

Having a lifestyle that's active and productive can be extremely beneficial. For instance, you should consider working out on most days of the week. This can help in considerably minimizing anxiety as it encourages an increase in happy hormones. Getting your regular dose of exercise is also very good for managing insomnia and stress. It's no secret that both of them can cause anxiety and at the same time result from the said mental illness.

Providing the body with all the nutrients it needs is essential as well. B vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids are some of those that can help alleviate anxiety, experts say. Having well-balanced meals allow the body to obtain the said nutrients. The intake of processed food products should be considerably limited or completely avoided in order to fend off hormonal imbalance, something that can affect the mood negatively.

Healthy eating is also good for your gut, in particular the friendly microbes residing in it. Much of the happy hormones found in your brain are actually manufactured in the gut. In order to encourage the proliferation of good bacteria, consider eating fermented food products on a regular basis.

All sorts of things have to be taken into account if the objective is to manage anxiety without the administration of sedating drugs. Employing all-natural solutions allow for the attainment of expected results. For dealing with the mental disorder effectively, it's a good idea to seek the help of an expert in holistic health and wellness.

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