Delaying Aging Of Your Skin By Taking Bee Plus

By Michelle Green

There are many ways to keep premature skin aging at bay naturally. Some of the things that you may do are ditch cigarettes, drink alcohol moderately, get your regular dose of exercise, keep stress to a minimum, opt for healthy foods, and minimize sun exposure. You may also take the supplement called bee plus. Thanks to the loads of nutrients that it has, making its intake a part of your daily beauty regimen can spare you from the need to undergo risky and costly plastic surgeries.

One of the various reasons why the product is great for those who like to keep their skin youthful is it contains propolis. Put simply, propolis is a substance used by honeybees for sealing as well as varnishing honeycombs. For those flying creatures, propolis is just another construction material.

Propolis serves a completely different role in humans. Scientists say that it can in fact fight off a process called oxidation. So in other words, this nutrient is an antioxidant.

According to dermatologists, one of the reasons why skin can age quickly is oxidation. So many people believe that getting too much sun exposure is the only reason behind the premature aging of their skin. It's true that the sun gives off ultraviolet (UV) light that can wreak havoc on the skin cells, and that is why it can make one's skin age at a much faster rate. Unnecessary UV light exposure can also lead to age spot formation. If you want to have your skin protected from the sun's UV light, make sure that you regularly apply sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or even greater for best results.

Due to the fact that propolis is an antioxidant, it can save your skin cells from being damaged by the sun's UV light. For best results, you should supplement with propolis and also apply sunscreen as necessary. Dermatologists agree that propolis is not only good for fending off premature skin aging signs, but also reverse already present ones.

Another reason why the supplementary product is perfect for beauty-conscious women is it also has royal jelly. Among honeybees, royal jelly is a precious substance. It's for the fact that it is the only kind of food that is provided to queen bees. It's also food offered to baby bees that are being raised as future queen bees.

Royal jelly is not only good for queen bees and babies that are meant to lead one day, but also your skin because it is a phenomenal source of vitamin E. Actually, this vitamin is respected for its superb ability to keep the heart in an excellent shape. Further scientific studies show that vitamin E also helps protect your skin from ending up damaged prematurely.

Daily intake of royal jelly helps ensure that the skin cells are properly nourished. In addition, it is similar to sunscreen in that it also offers protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. Just like propolis, the substance also has amazing antioxidant properties. It's for this reason exactly why it's very good for fending off premature skin aging, too. In fact, so many of the best anti-aging creams and lotions being sold these days work effectively because of the presence of royal jelly in them.

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