Tips On Controlling Diabetes Through Weight Loss Redwood City CA Health Experts Suggest

By Ryan Kelly

If truth be told, there is no available cure for diabetes. This only means that a person who is diagnosed with the disease has to learn to live with it for as long as he or she is alive. Despite of being incurable, it's very much possible to have diabetes managed. Such is important in order to fend off the complications associated with it, many of which are serious. One of the smartest steps that a person with diabetes may take is eliminating excess pounds. Below are some simple tips on managing diabetes by means of weight loss Redwood City CA doctors are highly suggesting.

Diabetes is basically all about having elevated blood glucose levels all the time. You can put the blame on the so called insulin resistance. In a nutshell, insulin resistance is characterized by the inability of your body's cells to respond as necessary to insulin, a hormone that makes it possible for glucose molecules to enter the cells.

Because of insulin resistance, sugar pools in the blood. The cells are also deprived of much needed energy, thus leaving the person who has diabetes feeling weak and lethargic. It's also something that can leave him or her feeling hungry all the time. If the wrong types of foods and drinks are consumed, in particular those that are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates, the problem can worsen as the levels of sugar in the bloodstream are further increased.

Doctors say that insulin resistance is often due to dietary factors. It's not unlikely for someone to develop it one day as a result of fondness for sugary and starchy treats. However, there are instances in which it is passed by a parent to his or her offspring. Needless to say, diabetes is a disease that tends to run in families.

A really important step that individuals who are battling diabetes should take is getting rid of unwanted pounds. This is a must most especially for overweight or obese ones. It's because having lots of excess weight can aggravate things for those who are trying to manage diabetes for the sake of keeping its many health complications at bay.

Exercising on a regular basis, as everybody knows, is good for shrinking the waistline. Health authorities confirm that it's also very good for keeping the levels of blood sugar within the normal range. The goal of any person with diabetes is to maintain healthy blood sugar.

Individuals who have diabetes are at risk of developing high blood pressure as well as heart disease. Well, regular exercise is known to help keep the said problems at bay. In order to slim down, lower the blood sugar levels and prevent both high blood pressure and heart disease, a person should exercise for at least 20 minutes a day up to 5 times a week.

Watching the diet to slim down is also highly recommended. Needless to say, the consumption of anything that's packed with sugar and also carbohydrates should be limited significantly. Fiber rich foods, on the other hand, should be included in the diet generously.

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