Tips On Fending Off Osteoarthritis Through Weight Loss Los Altos CA Residents May Follow

By Diane Wood

Health authorities confirm there are over a hundred different kinds of arthritis known to man. Something that affects so many people worldwide is what's known as osteoarthritis, something that is characterized by worn out or torn cartilage. Various things can considerably increase an individual's risk of developing osteoarthritis, and being obese is just one of those. Below are a few easy tips on preventing osteoarthritis through weight loss Los Altos CA residents may choose to follow.

Contrary to popular belief, osteoarthritis does not affect the elderly only. It is a type of arthritis that is seen even in young adults. While it's true that age is considered as a risk factor for the joint disease, the fact is there are many other issues that can cause osteoarthritis to strike.

Being obese is something that can considerably increase a person's risk of developing osteoarthritis in the future. If it's already present, having a lot of unwanted body pounds can make matters worse. Every single day, the signs and symptoms can keep the individual from having a smooth sailing day. The joint disease can also keep the person from exercising to lose weight, thus a vicious cycle is created that can be extremely challenging to escape.

Your different weight bearing joints are the ones that are susceptible to having this very common form of arthritis. It's for the fact that the said joints of yours are constantly in a lot of strain. This is true each time you carry out physical activities that require you to be on your feet, such as standing, stair climbing, jogging and walking. Damage to your cartilage can be encouraged by your unwanted body weight.

In order to considerably reduce a person's risk of developing the joint disease, it's of utmost importance for him or her to slim down if obesity is an existing problem. This helps relieve the joints from getting unnecessary stress all the time. The ankles, knees, hip and lower back most especially can be spared from developing the dreaded joint issue.

One step that the person should take in order to see results is remain physically active. It may sound counterproductive but the fact is getting mild to moderate forms of exercise on a regular basis can help in alleviating the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis. Exercising is proven to reduce aching, swelling and stiffening most especially in the morning.

Another perk to enjoy for exercising on a regular basis is the elimination of your excess pounds. Slimming down can save you from the need to constantly rely on anti inflammatory medications that doctors commonly prescribed to osteoarthritis sufferers. It's not really a good idea for you to take these drugs all the time due to the side effects and risks associated with them.

Aside from osteoarthritis, there are so many other medical conditions that can be kept at bay by shedding off excess weight. Some examples include diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart disease and certain forms of cancer. Certainly, one of the secrets to having a long and happy life is losing unwanted pounds.

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