Tips On Dealing With Stress For Weight Loss San Jose CA Fitness Professionals Suggest

By Thomas Price

To make those excess pounds go away, you need to regularly exercise and also opt for a healthy diet. Unfortunately, experts say that there are a few other steps that you also need to take. Effectively reducing your stress is one of those. All kinds of health complications can stem from chronic stress, and one example is being overweight or obese. If your goal is to have a slimmer figure, you may follow some surprisingly simple tips on reducing your stress for weight loss San Jose CA fitness professionals are recommending.

Being stressed all the time causes the body to go into survival mode. To ensure continued existence, it will attempt to provide the individual with plenty of fuel reserves in the form of fat cells. Everybody knows that having more fat than necessary is the cause of unnecessary gaining of weight.

There's an area where those fat cells tend to collect the most, and it's the midsection. That's because there are so many vital organs in the abdominal region that need to be nourished. Naturally, the accumulation of fat in the belly area can cause the waistline to expand, giving the individual a really unflattering figure.

For the body to amass plenty of fat, it needs to be supplied with generous amounts of calories. This is the reason why somebody who is leading a stressful life tends to have a voracious appetite. Such is actually the doing of the body so that it may be able to obtain all the calories that it needs. Basically, this is the reason why stress eating can cause a person to crave pizza, burgers, hot dogs, doughnuts, ice cream, chips and many others that are loaded with calories.

Certainly, you should put your stress under control if what you want is to drop those excess pounds. After all, it can be extremely challenging for you to exercise regularly and go on a diet if you are stressed all the time. Stress can keep you from going to the gym because it drains your energy. It can prevent you from making healthy food choices because it can turn you into a stress eater who wants nothing but foods that are loaded with saturated fat, refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Luckily, you can deal with stress effectively though a number of ways. According to fitness professionals, you may try taking breaths that are slow and deep. By lowering your breathing rate to 6 cycles per minute, you can have your stress levels reduced significantly.

Meditating is another step that you may take. It is basically all about allowing your mind to be empty or blank for some time. If you want to meditate correctly, you may go online and access one of the hundreds of guided meditation videos posted there.

Many swear by the effectiveness of listening to music, writing in a journal, reading a book and taking a relaxing bath. The fact is it's virtually impossible for anyone to run out of stress relieving activities to try. With so many options, eliminating excess pounds should be easier once the person's stress is considerably reduced.

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