Deer Antler Velvet Supplements Canada Local Residents With OA May Count On For Relief

By Peter Williams

Health experts confirm that more than a hundred kinds of arthritis are in existence. The type that many individuals suffer from is referred to as osteoarthritis or OA. The reason why it is widespread is because of the fact that the young and old alike can suffer from it. If you have osteoarthritis and you want to attain relief from its many different annoying symptoms, you may try taking deer antler velvet supplements Canada herbal shops operating online and offline are selling.

The primary reason why osteoarthritis comes into being is the wearing and tearing of a joint's cartilage, doctors explain. It is the process of aging that can be blamed for such. This is why one of the considered risk factors for OA is advanced age. Statistics say that people who are aged 65 or older are the ones that tend to suffer from osteoarthritis.

Just because you are not 65 years old yet doesn't mean that you cannot suffer from osteoarthritis. According to doctors, you may encounter it if you tend to use some of your joints excessively. It's very much possible for you to suffer from OA one day if you are a very physically active individual. By the way, osteoarthritis may also stem from a joint injury even after it has completely healed.

Obese or overweight individuals are also at high risk of suffering from OA sooner or later. Having a lot of unwanted pounds can be very stressful to the joints. It's not unlikely for people who are obese or overweight to develop osteoarthritis in the so called weight bearing joints. This is why they tend to have achy and swollen ankles, knees and lower back.

For relief from the common symptoms of OA such as pain, swelling and stiffness, there are many anti inflammatory drugs available. Some of them are over the counter or OTC, while others are the prescription types. No matter the case, these medications work by putting inflammation under control.

While really effective, so many people with OA are actually steering clear of anti inflammatory medications. That's because they are notorious for causing an array of really pesky side effects. Some of those that you may possibly encounter after taking a pill include headaches, dizziness, buzzing or ringing in the ears, nausea, stomachache and heartburn.

Your blood pressure may also soar if you happen to take high doses of anti inflammatory medications, doctors confirm. Your stomach may develop bleeding ulcers, and your kidneys and liver may be placed in danger. The problem with anti inflammatory medications is they eliminate the symptoms of osteoarthritis only to cause more serious issues to come into being.

Due to these different side effects as well as risk, a lot of individuals who are suffering from osteoarthritis are on the hunt for alternative remedies. It's a good thing that there are various 100 percent natural replacements for those anti inflammatory drugs. Currently, so many osteoarthritis sufferers are swearing by the effectiveness of supplements with deer antler velvet in dealing with joint aching, swelling and stiffening. These products can deliver as they can minimize inflammation, numerous scientific investigations say.

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