Reputable Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgeon New Jersey Shares Important Facts About The Operation

By Marie Rogers

If you are considering weight loss surgery, one of the top options you should consider is to get scheduled for sleeve gastrectomy. Its level of invasiveness is minimal and the experts will simply need to make your stomach smaller. After the operation, you will not only enjoy commendable degrees of weight loss, but also better health and a boost in your quality of life. During the hunt for the finest sleeve gastrectomy surgeon New Jersey is a good place to base initial investigations.

What happens during an operation is that the surgeon removes a portion of the stomach, making it relatively smaller. Ideally, the operated stomach should be nothing different from the shape and size of a mature banana. A range of state of the art equipment is used to make the entire surgery as minimally invasive as possible.

A small cut will be made and this will make it possible for part of your stomach to be cut out. Using a small camera and a TV screen among other small tools, everything can be achieved without cutting you open. The smaller stomach a patient will now have will allow him or her to feel full even after eating a small portion of food. Sleeve gastrectomy also changes the hormones of a patient and cause a reduction in ones levels of appetite.

At this point, you are possibly wondering why sleeve gastrectomy is preferred by many. Well, the truth is that the success rate of the procedure in terms of losing weight is unmatched. One can expect dependable weight loss, coupled with impressive lifestyle changes after the simple operation. According to medics, this form of surgery is more effective when compared to gastric band or even gastric bypass procedures.

Among the top paybacks of choosing this weight loss surgery is that you will find it remarkably easy to shed over 70% of the extra weight. You will also notice some superb changes in your health, thanks to the treated morbid obesity. Normally, the results of an operation can treat or ease the symptoms of diabetes as well as high blood pressure.

If you are like most patients, you want to know how long you will be under the knife. You may also want to know what to anticipate with regard to the recovery timetable. Well, an operation takes about an hour from start to finish. After surgery, you will be admitted for one or two nights for monitoring, after which you can go home. A good number of patients are able to walk once they are discharged.

The area around the small incision that is made could leave you in pain. The good news is that your surgeon will also administer pain medication and you should be as good as new within several days. The period required for you to fully recover and go back to work may, however depend on your kind of profession. It is not recommendable for patients to lift anything heavy within the first month after a procedure.

Being able to lose weight will increase your self-confidence levels, your vitality and even your mobility. With this, it will be effortless for you to make the needed lifestyle changes and perhaps lead a healthier and more active life. If you are considering scheduling for surgery, the need to find top rated surgeons should not be underestimated.

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