The Promising Benefits Of The Cryotherapy Sherman Oaks CA Health Spas Offer

By Deborah Bailey

People are always looking for new ways to stay young, alert, and beat the odds of getting life threatening diseases and conditions. Every few years new trends and techniques catch their attention, and many are willing to undergo discomfort and spend significant amounts of money trying them out. The cryotherapy Sherman Oaks CA spas, and others, offer is one such trend. There are a number of possible benefits to the therapy, but the research is still too new to be conclusive.

Most people have seen the pictures of hardy individuals plunging into icy waters in just brief swimwear. The bathers swear that the experience makes their minds sharper, improves their physical health, and increases their life expectancy. This is a form of cryotherapy, but most have their first experiences with the trend at spas around the country. It usually involves immersing themselves in tanks of freezing water for a period of three to five minutes. There are ice water facials. Sometimes the freezing water is applied to specific joints to relieve pain.

Care must be taken not to stay too long in the freezing water. Falling asleep must be avoided. Overexposure to the icy conditions is dangerous and can be fatal. This therapy is not for everyone. Women who are pregnant, children, and those with a history of heart conditions and high blood pressure are not candidates for the therapy. The first experience can be unsettling. It can take several sessions to become accustomed to the icy temperatures.

This therapy is used to relieve the aches and pains of joint and muscle conditions such as arthritis. It may help increase the speed of recovery for those suffering from sports injuries. The technique, in the form of ice packs, has been prescribed by physicians for many years as a way of relieving discomfort from over exercising and muscle pain. There have been mixed results in the studies done on the benefits of the therapy for reducing muscle pain.

The therapy may have weight loss benefits. Some feel that immersing the body in icy water makes it burn calories to stay warm. Others point out that using the technique to reduce muscle and joint pain can make it easier to exercise. The therapy may also help reduce inflammation which causes pain and makes it more difficult for individuals to maintain regular fitness routines.

There is some research emerging that suggests the therapy has mental health benefits. Symptoms of depression and anxiety have been reduced in about thirty percent of afflicted individuals who tried the technique. While the problems did not disappear completely, they were reduced by about fifty percent. These numbers are significantly better than for those who did not try the technique.

Eczema is a type of skin inflammation. A lot of sufferers of this condition, who tried the technique, noticed a significant improvement. Some did report the development of frostbite however.

The therapy may be somewhat helpful for those who suffer from migraines. While it did not eliminate the migraines, it did reduce the debilitating pain. The takeaway from preliminary research is that this therapy may have significant benefits in certain areas of health, but more study is needed.

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