Reasons You Need To Take Coq10 For High Cholesterol

By Cynthia Perry

People have been made to believe over the years that no good can be found in cholesterol. This notion is not just bad but also misleading as it can make one not to enjoy the numerous benefits of this substance. It is necessary to know that foods that help the body to get enough cholesterol should be purchased and if it is urgently needed, taking coq10 for high cholesterol should be the option.

Most of the hormones in the body would not have been there if cholesterol did not play its role. The hormones are chemical substances produced in one part of the body and transmitted to others via cell to cell communication. Because of cholesterol, women look beautiful by the production of estrogen and men have their physique owing to testosterone production.

Living with low amounts of this substance is also detrimental to the bones. This is because the bones need active vitamin D to increase in mass and tone. Moreover, without vitamin D, immunity levels are down and this can account for the reason why there is higher life expectancy among those who take coq 10.

It is also required for the digestion of fats. This may sound a little bit confusing but take note that bile salt is an important part of fats digestion. Bile emulsifies fat, reducing it to tiny droplets for easy digestion. However, this substance is needed for the production of bile salts which then functions in the digestion of fats and oil.

If you would like to look younger than your real age, cholesterol can help you achieve that. This is because it is a good source of antioxidant. Antioxidants prevent aging by blocking the oxidation of free radicals. Although antioxidants can also be gotten from foods, coq10 tablets make it more readily available. It takes away the stress of going to the market, buying the food items and returning back home to process them before consumption.

Without this lipid derivative, the brain tends not to function well. This is owing to the low level of serotonin receptors which the cells of the brain need to receive serotonin. Serotonin is actually a mood enhancer so when it gets to the brain, your mood gets better. The implication, therefore, is that with a reduced level of the serotonin receptors, people can be depressed and may have the feeling of committing suicide when everything around them looks bad.

Apart from enhancing the brain, serotonin is also good for your social life. You also cannot have a good sleep without this important component of your body. Of course, it is a well-known fact that without sleep, some vital organs of the body lose their importance and in serious cases, their loss of function can lead to death.

The level of this compound is adults is higher and this is meant to be so because of the necessity to replace worn out cells. By taking coq10 every day, the elderly ones would have a reason to live longer since their cells are being replaced. This is also linked to the longer lifespan of women who generally have more of it than the males.

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