Facts About Bariatric Surgery Bergen County

By William Young

The procedure called gastric bypass and other surgeries used for weigh-loss purposes work by changing how the digestive system works. They will make it possible for you to lose weight through limiting the amount of food you can eat at any given time. They also minimize the amount of nutrients absorbed. They are mostly used after one has tried exercise and diet to no success. They are also used when a person has serious health issues caused by excess weight. When considering bariatric surgery Bergen county residents should know what it involves.

One of the first things to note is that the surgery is not suitable for everyone. There are medical guidelines which one is supposed to meet for them to qualify. Before the procedure, there is extensive screening in order to verify that you indeed qualify. Further to that, you need to be ready to lead a healthy lifestyle. After the treatment, there will be long-term follow-up plans which is to ensure your medical conditions, lifestyle and nutrition are closely monitored.

The surgical procedures are done at a hospital and are done under general anesthesia. That implies you will be unconscious for the surgery. The specific details of surgery depend on what type of surgery is used, the doctor or hospital practices and situation of the person. There is the traditional procedure in which large incisions are made within the abdomen. Laparoscopic surgical operation is a recent option which is widely used.

A laparoscope refers to a small instrument which has a camera at its end. It is inserted through incisions which are made at the abdomens. The small camera will allow a surgeon to see and perform surgery of the abdomen without having to make large incisions. With laparoscopic treatment, the recovery will be shorter and faster but is also not suitable for all people. Generally, the procedure takes several hours and one is required to stay in hospital for 3 to 5 days.

After the procedure, one is not supposed to eat for one or two days. During that time, the stomach will be given time to heal. After two days, there will be a specific diet to be followed for roughly 12 weeks. One should begin with liquid foods before progressing to foods which are soft. After some time, normal diet can resume. There is restriction on what one can eat and the amount.

The surgeries are such that they are able to offer weight-loss in the long term. The level of weight loss will depend on lifestyle change of the person and type of surgical procedure. There are people who lose more than half their weight over a 2 year period. The surgeries can also be used in resolution of conditions which are caused by excess weight like stroke and blood pressure.

There are some cases in which surgery will not work as effectively as was hoped. This could be for instance when the surgical does not go according to plan, which is rare. The adjustable band might not work effectively. In instances when the treatment fails to go according to plan, one might experience serious health complications.

Just as happens with other surgeries, there are possible risks. Some are short-term, others long-term. Examples of risks are formation of blood clots, infections and excess bleeding.

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