To Do List During Menopause Period

By Crystal Farrell

The cocoa shakes are the best source for reducing the excessive weight gained post the stoppage of the periods. The smoothies along with ice cubes help in keeping the temper cool. The chocolate shakes for Menopause Relief are medically recommended.

The cocoa seeds are bitter in taste so they are fermented to get the actual flavor. After the fermentation process the seeds are roasted, dried and cleaned. We can make butter out of cocoa which are in a semi solid paste. The powdered cocoa is used as health drinks for children. Cocoa is also used for making brownies and cake.

The candies are either filled or coated with cocoa which is a different variety of sweet. The cocoa sweet is also gifted in various occasions such as thanksgiving, valentines day, Christmas and marriage functions. Cocoa is used in both hot and a cold beverage. The cocoa drinks are prepared from ancient times.

During olden times cocoa drink was treated as a fashionable beverage. It was believed that this drink was good for stomach and reduces cholesterol by diluting the blood. Unlike coffee, it does not contain caffeine. Both women and men were started craving for this ingredient. Since its taste is bitter in order to suppress the bitterness people used to add honey or sugar.

Then cocoa is poorly stored it shows white spots. This is the separation of fat and sugar. This state is nontoxic and can be consumed safely. The production can be reduced for cocoa by adding fats and sugar. Cocoa plants grow in a cold climate. Due to the global warming, the climate is shifting hence scientist is making cocoa plants survive in a hot climate.

The dried cocoa beans are sent to the manufacturing companies where they are cleaned and roasted. After this process, the shell of cocoa is broken to extract the nib. The nib is heated so that it becomes liquid and later solidified to get the pure form. The cocoa becomes more expensive when the processing time is longer.

In cocoa industry, a lot of children are used as labor. Sometimes they are used for slavery and trafficking. This is associated with festivals and celebrations such as Easter it is molded into different shapes such as eggs, rabbit, coins and heart shaped. Many of the companies make special holiday cocoa candies which are topped up over cakes.

Exercising is the best way of getting good sleep. There are many symptoms felt after climacterics such as dizziness, back pain, weight gain, lack of energy and disturbed sleep. There is always a risk of cardiovascular disorder after this stage. However, this can be controlled by reducing the body weight through exercise. This usually happens naturally but it can be induced by chemotherapy. Earlier days they were even deprived of education.

A woman is a human being who is capable of giving birth and creates life. A woman who is not married is termed as a girl. The breast of a woman is used to produce milk after pregnancy for nurturing the child. There are certain diseases that specifically affect women such as breast cancer, cervical cancer and lupus.

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