The Concept Of Self Defense As A Protection For Yourself

By Melissa Bell

People stab you at your back. It can either be meant figuratively or literally. In this world, lots of humans are into violence whether they are criminals or even normal citizens who have a huge grudge at their neighbours. Violence may be the key. But with that, innocent victims suffer, particularly the young children. For that reason, family would like to enrol their kids at childrens self defense classes San Mateo for protection.

You have seen in movies how an ambush can be resolved. For example, one scene depicts that a lady was walking on a dark street. And then all of a sudden, a man with a mask attacked her. She was struggling to fight and then in a flash, she kicked his vulnerable part, jabbed his eyes and then ran. Through observing the scene, you can actually learn from it. However, reality does not work like that.

When a lady walked on an isolated street and met her attacker, she might follow what she had seen on those typical thriller movies. However, her moves are already predictable. Her attacker can just swiftly dodge it, grab her legs and now the danger is on her. Defending yourself is not about doing karate or taekwondo moves to counter those evil humans.

Because perilous circumstance occurs when you do not expect it, formulating a plan is difficult. Perhaps your friends may advise you on not fighting back and submit on their demands so you can go peacefully. But what if it involves rape? You cannot submit yourself for those criminals. Sometimes you left no choice but to strike back in order to live on.

Targets of assailants are usually weaker than them. So who are the possible ones? Women and children. When you become a parent, you would do everything to ensure the security and safety of your kids. But once you are gone out for work, you cannot assure it anymore because school can also be hazardous to them. Bullies may harm them and can affect their emotional state.

Self-defense classes can fix that predicament so parents will not be worried at their children always. The training teaches the students on shielding themselves against harm. At the end of their training, they can achieve a physically fit body. Moreover, their self-confidence and self-esteem will boost up.

Perhaps most individuals think that practicing martial arts is for kicking and punching the enemies. No. The point of martial art is protecting and defending yourself from the enemies, not hurting them. The goal of it is not to physically harm the target but to learn and apply the importance of perseverance, respect and determination in life.

Other than that, prevention is better than cure. In other words, to avoid yourself on getting involved on some harmful incidents, prevent yourself from that happening. How? Simply follow your instinct. When you feel like that the area is suspicious, then switch to the safer one. Do not act like you are an easy target so that assailants will not pick you.

People in your environment can likely be your threat. You can never predict when those criminals will assault you. With that, you have to be alert always and choose the safest route.

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