Guidelines For Planning Health Education Programs Waverly NY

By Richard Clark

Social workers who have the responsibility of planning for a health education program have a lot of things to consider to make such project successful. Such considerations require a lot of planning hence the need to start early. A remarkable program is expected to achieve its intended goal and provide positive outcomes to the target population. The following are guidelines for planning health education programs Waverly NY to acknowledge.

Conduct a need assessment. You cannot determine whether a particular population need this program without accurate data that proves their needs. This is done through the collection of data from different sources. This includes the local health system, school survey, and data from a non-governmental organization related to the health sector. Conduct your own community assessment if the information you get does not meet your expectations.

Develop a strategy to take into consideration. Use the results you have collected to come up with a strategic plan. It should have goals and outcome objectives. You can easily come up with a strategic plan that you can follow when there are objectives to achieve. Narrow down to different activities you will be carrying out to achieve each strategy you have developed. Look for existing activities that you can adapt or adjust to make the project successful.

Come up with a work plan. A work plan is supposed to include a variety of aspects. This includes the procedure to be used to mobilize resources, budgeting, engaging the stakeholders and establishing a task force. Clear decision-making procedures should be considered as well. You can decide to make decisions as a consensus or through an established committee.

Find financial support. Running this kind of program without finances is impossible. There are a lot of well-wishers who are willing to offer their support as long as there is a transparent budget to consider. This includes non-governmental organization, local companies, and individuals. Companies can offer their support as their corporate social responsibility.

Get avenues where you can hold your programs. You should get avenues to hold the programs early enough to make necessary adjustments and announce them to the participants. Choose a place that is accessible enough and can hold the number of population that you intend to reach out to. Visit the place before the meeting to make necessary planning on how to utilize the space accordingly.

Develop indicators. Indicators are suitable aspects that can be used to determine the outcomes of a particular project. They are meant to determine the extent to which an intended outcome is achieved and whether the objectives are achieved. They should be accessible, valid, reliable and measurable.

Review the project after it is done. The success of a project such as this should be presented in a graphical depiction. It should relate the outcomes achieved in relation to the objectives that had been set in place. The strategies used should be in a position to achieve long term-objectives over a particular period. Such considerations will help you determine whether the activities were appropriate to the target audience and make improvements for future considerations.

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