How An Emotional Eating Coach Works

By Joshua Foster

Someone who struggles with their weight will probably have tried just about every diet on the market. Diets can work for some people. You can find programs that are healthy and successful. However, it is the mental approach and the bad habits which are difficult to break. An emotional eating coach can be a good option to invest in when you are struggling like this.

This type of coach will have a consultation with you so they get to know more about your struggles and why you turn to food as a source of comfort. There are many things that you can do as an alternative. It is important to get down to the root of the cause and to deal with this problem.

You may need therapy to help you with this issue in your life. It can go right back to your childhood. Some people become depressed and anxious and this takes a lot of deep one on one counseling until you feel you are ready to go onto the next step.

You will find that once you have tackled the problems in your life, you will be less emotional and there is less of a need to dive into the carbohydrates and the sugars which give you more comfort. However, it is a habit which is difficult to break. Someone like this has become an addict, and you have trained the brain to eat whenever there is a problem.

People usually think of an addict as someone who has problems with drugs or alcohol. However, food can be just the same. It is also dangerous because it can lead to diabetes, obesity and other health problems. When you are overweight, you are not comfortable. You have a poor self image and a low self esteem.

A person like this may have to go through intense therapy with a counselor who is more specialized. It is not always easy, but it will pay off at the end of the day. Of course, they still need to go to the coach because they will have the habit that they need to break. Even though they have been through this type of therapy, they are still left with the addiction.

The mindful aspect to losing weigh has been very effective over the last couple of years. Most people with these sorts of problems have tried one diet after the next. But it is the mental aspect that sets them back every time. The mindful approach is so helpful because it trains your brain to help you know when you are hungry.

You will begin to ask yourself whether you really need that chocolate or whether you are simply going to eat it because it is a habit. Of course, it can take time to get to this point. The coach is there to offer support. You will check in every week and you will take note of your improvements, and notice how you have progressed over this time. You will also begin to discover what areas you need to work on. The relationship between the client and the coach are also most important.

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