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By Martha Price

The older one gets in life the harder it becomes to stay in shape and this is seen when reaching the forties or fifties and beyond. Inspirational weight loss blog aims to inspire and motivate its readers and those who have taken on the challenge of losing weight. It is a means to keep one focused and motivated whilst subscribing to newsy posts and to see how others are progressing.

When looking in the mirror one wants to see oneself looking good and in shape. There is nothing more depressing than seeing an overweight body and with it an unhappy expression on the face. Being overweight is depressing and one just feels inadequate about oneself without feelings of confidence.

This happens in slow increments until one day, the person is confronted by an image in a mirror that they just do not like. So many fall into the trap of eating quick meals on the go whether this be a candy bar to give a lift or a fast food meal which is easily ordered and consumed. It is best advice to prepare meals and give thought to what one is going to consume on any given day.

It is so easy today to get into bad eating habits as fast food outlets are a quick and hassle free way of getting a meal on the go. It just is not the same as a home cooked meal and can feel like a dirty meal where one is just not satisfied. They are packed with calories and poor quality rolls and meat should a burger be consumed or pizza for that matter.

There is just so much to do in a day that inevitably, diet suffers at the risk of not eating at all. It is best to be prepared and pack a lunch and in between snacks that offer nutrition rather than spending cash on what one knows must not be eaten. People know intuitively what is good to eat and what makes up a bad meal.

One just knows what one needs and it is not so difficult to determine this. Reading blogs about what others are doing to curb this problem is essential to the motivation of the individual. It keeps one focused on what is trying to be achieved and with consistency, it can be done.

It is about being proactive about what is decided upon for consumption. It is all a matter of choice and to stay away from those comfort foods that put on the pounds. So it must be said again, that being prepared for meals and in between snacks is the best way to ensure that the right foods are being consumed.

So instead of eating quick sugar filled snacks, pack eats that are filled with nutrition such as raw vegetables and nuts for protein. It does not take much to start on this endeavour and reading inspirational blogs will motivate the individual on the whole. It is never too late to start.

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