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By Carolyn Hall

Thousands of people are struggling with weight. Some begin the journey and abandon it halfway. This has led many more to lose the spirit and back tract. In recognition of these challenges, inspirational weight loss blog and portals have emerged. They target to walk with you through the journey through inspiring stories and tips. But how do you identify the best page?

Regular updates are important when looking for inspiration. The updates focus on different issues that are of concern to persons seeking to shed some pounds. While you might be motivated today, the workout tomorrow or an encounter you had in the gym or dining table might leave you discouraged. With regular updates, you will find something to lift your spirit and get you back on the program instantly.

The stories shared should be real and verifiable. There are blogs that create imaginary achievements that cannot be collaborated by facts. This will raise your hopes and make them unrealistic. Such false hope will lead to frustration and even cause people to abandon their programs. When the images and stories are not real, you will be walking down a path of frustration.

The individuals sharing their stories should be inspiring. This does not translate into being boxed to agree on a particular diet or exercise regime. It should be about working with your resources and still achieving the envisioned goals. The individuals should share real experiences and inspire you to be unique as opposed to being like them.

Engage beyond the blog is very important to support your journey and goals. This could include seminars, webinars and availability of materials that you can use offline. Support groups in different places would also be helpful in achieving your goals. It means that the managers of these blogs are not just looking at sharing stories but entering you into a lifestyle that is effective.

The facts you share on the website must be verifiable. It is unfortunate to rely on a website that peddles heresy and unsubstantiated information. The information should relate to research and tests carried out in life. The availability of links that enable verification of information is an added advantage.

The information, tactics and experiences shared should be realistic. A realistic experience is beneficial than one based on hype. When your hopes are raised about possible results, this should be done in a genuine manner. It is frustrating to follow a torturous diet or exercise regime only to end up with poor results. Some of the exercises might even cause injuries or diet regimes lead to long term complications.

The presence or involvement of experts in information sharing is crucial in giving credence to a blog. In the opinion of experts, any diet or exercise that affects your body adversely should be dropped. Where the body reacts negatively, remedial measures should be taken. Have a personalized approach to losing weight and only work with realistic programs.

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