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By Anthony Gibson

Get out, and get moving. Yes, the gym can be quite a scary place and you may not even know whether to start of weights or on the treadmill. It can get a little complex and quite frankly complicated. This is where using a fitness tracker can help you measure and understand your fitness progress. Getting your Redondo Beach Training Personal fitness journey back on track needn t be struggle, because you don t have to do it all on your own.

When getting started with a fitness regime there are a lot of concepts that may seem just a little bit foreign. And let s face it not everyone can afford to get themselves a personal trainer who can explain all the tiny details of fitness. A tracker helps you track and measure a number of fitness and health related concepts related to your body. Facts that may help you get to know your own body just a little better and ultimately give you the confident to boost up your fitness journey.

They help you to get to know your own body stats just a little better, and the key to improving your fitness levels is becoming best-friends with your own body. The tracker will help you track vitals such as your pulse rate, heart rate and the steps you manage to take daily. If you thought that s is, then nope, it isn t. The fitness tracker also tracks your sleep quality throughout the night, as well as your blood sugar levels as well as your body temperature through the day.

Over and above being your private trainer, these bad boys are also your doctor. Yes, they help you track your vital signs, including your heart rate and the number of calories you have ingested throughout the day. Some go as far as recommending certain foods that may help you to meet and achieve your goals. Trackers are also great at helping you organise your fitness regimen. Some even allow you to organise your goals in categories, e. G. Weights lifted, cardio, nutrition, and steps taken.

So, on average, how much does a fitness tracker cost? As we already mentioned, not all that much. For a regular wrist tracker that tracks all the standard vital signs starts at about $50. This would be the bare minimum recommended spend on a tracker. If it goes for a price less than this you may not be getting any value for your money.

A tracker in the price range of $50- $80 is a good investment. It will be able to offer you awesome perks such as long battery life, waterproof, swim rate tracking and GPS. Spending over $100 on a fitness tracker is advised, especially if you are one of those people who are extremely serious about their fitness. Over and above all the standards found in cheaper trackers, these beast devices tend to be on the aesthetically appealing side of branding.

After a hectic workout, the only thing you most likely want to do is crash on your bed and sleep. Your tracker will help you track the quality of your sleep. With the help of 3-D accelerometers your tracker can monitor all your body movements during sleep. In the morning, you ll be able to tell what kind of sleep you got. Light, Deep or REM.

There you have it, your fitness journey is completely in your hands when using a tracker. There are a number of benefits to mention, but you get the gist. Now you just need to use the main accessory, your brain power to push you towards your limits.

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