Frozen Wheatgrass Juice Provides Nutritional Essentials In Abundance

By Arthur Scott

Those who really do not have the time or facility to grow and juice their own can be assured there is a quality alternative. Frozen wheatgrass juice does not only contain a treasure house of nutritional essentials, but taking it every day is also the ultimate in convenience.

Described as a super-food, few other food sources contain such a high concentration of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and fatty acids. All of these elements are necessary to support essential bodily functions and maintain health over the long term.

The effort of making juice every day is not something everyone enjoys. While the health benefit is readily acknowledged the process of getting there is perceived by some to be overly messy and time consuming. Juice frozen at source is completely the opposite and is as easy in preparation as making a cold beverage.

The freezing of the produce needs to be done in the correct fashion, otherwise a loss of nutrient value will occur. Flash freezing is by far the best method of achieving this. It involves the rapid freezing of a substance in such a way that the accumulation of water is prevented and the maximum nutritional value of the produce is preserved.

Studies have shown that flash freezing can preserve produce at a superior quality to fresh produce when compared like for like. This is due to the fact that the moment fresh produce is harvested it begins to degrade continuously up to the point where it reaches the consumer. Conversely the rich nutrient value of the frozen produce, is kept at the same level as that when the flash freezing process is complete.

Regrettably, as in most industries, suppliers saying that they follow a certain procedure or standard but in reality doing something completely different, do sometimes occur. For this reason it is vital to order from a reliable grower and one who preferably produces organically. Fortunately the installation properties of modern materials and use of freezer blocks means that a shipment can remain frozen for as long as a five day period. A BPA free container for shipping is also recommended.

The effect of flash freezing is to halt the molecular activity but it is important to remember the product is still alive. For this reason it is really worth mentioning again why it is necessary to locate a reliable producer. Taking shortcuts with storage and packaging will result in an inferior product that does not contain the nutritional benefit that it should. A good supplier will not mind if you ask a lot of questions about this or request to visit their facility.

Naturally consumers might be thinking to themselves that regular ordering and shipping could become quite expensive. Fortunately properly processed produce can remain frozen for up to a year. This means there are definite advantages and savings to be had by buying in bulk.

There is no doubt concerning the excellent nutrition, health and energizing properties that can be obtained from this super-food. The presence of frozen varieties remove the problems that once prevented consumers from enjoying these benefits.

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