For Bariatric Surgery New York Is Worth Visiting

By Laura Hall

A group of surgical processes done to reduce weight is called bariatric surgery. Every procedure in the group is suitable for different individuals. The reason is that the suitability of a person as a candidate depends on several aspects. Having a discussion with a doctor is essential as it helps to determine the right procedure that suits the person before it is applied. Many of these procedures may apply to individuals with different ages without causing much trouble. When in search of Bariatric Surgery New York should be given priority.

There are a number of surgical options availed to patients for them to pick from. Nonetheless, three key procedures are commonly used by doctors in the United States. These are gastric sleeve surgery also called gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and laparoscopic adjustable band. Biliopancreatic diversion with the duodenal switch is used as a forth option but it is the least used.

In laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, the surgeon does place a ring around the top of the stomach. This forms a small pouch. Inside the ring, there is normally an inflatable band. This ring enables a person to feel full once a small quantity of food is consumed. There is usually a salt solution that fills inside the ring.

The size of the pouch can be reduced or expanded by reducing or increasing the salt solution in the band. A port is a small device through which the salt solution is filled into the band. Usually, the port is positioned under the skin of the candidate. For the adjustment of the size of the band opening to be done, a patient needs to make a number of follow up visits.

The band is deemed ineffective after a given period has elapsed without the patient having observable weight loss. One should be knowledgeable that the band can fail to work in some cases. As such, different results can be expected for different individuals. The surgeon may remove the band if no results are attained after some time. In the United States, gastric bands have been approved by the FDA for use on people having a BMI value above 30.

The second method is called gastric sleeve and it involves the surgeon removing most of the stomach so that a small banana-shaped section is left. The banana-shaped stomach section that is left is stapled together using staples. The goal of this surgery is to make the patient feel full sooner so that they do not eat too much food.

There are normally some changes in the stomach when parts of the stomach are removed physically. For example, the procedure may impact on the balance of bacteria and gut hormones. Apart from causing significant effect on metabolism, the appetite of the patient also reduces. This method can never be reversed once it is done. Once parts of the stomach are extracted, they cannot be reattached.

Prior to undergoing weight management, the patient must be established to be fit for surgery. The doctor, thus performs a number of physical examinations. The surgeon also explains clearly the effects of the surgery on the patient and what it entails.

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