Useful Facts About Skin Tightening Portland

By William Taylor

People between 30 to 40 years will realize that facial skins are starting to get loose and saggy. This is why they wish it can be made to be tighter and more youthful. There are a number of tightening methods used, even surgery in some instances. If you are to make an objective comparison of face lifts that are well performed with non-surgical treatment, you get to realize that the best treatments only achieve 30 percent of standard face lift result. In consideration of skin tightening Portland residents need to know what the procedures involve

Over time, there have been newer but more invasive procedures targeting the sub-cutaneous layer which are known to achieve better results. The new technologies are expected improve treatment and to replace old technologies. Old techniques use radio frequencies and tightening. When one considers going for the procedure, they should know what to expect in treatment.

As an individual gets older, the skin will lose its elasticity. Elasticity is what holds skin to the body and skin. There are two components elastin and collagen which are what elasticity normally depends on. They are in the dermis. They determine tightness of the skin and are in the deepest skin parts. This is some distance above the fat layer. Whenever collagen gets heated to 66 degrees, they contract and lead to skin tightening. This is referred to as remodeling and occurs months after collagen gets heated.

In all techniques that are used, the main aim is heating collagen to make it contract and tighten skin as a result. In order to achieve tightening, either infra-red energy or radio frequency or a combination of the two will be used. The machines used do have cooling devices that are complicated and which cool the surface such that burns will be prevented as heat is transmitted into the dermis.

You should be very well prepared for treatment. About 4 weeks before treatment, you are advised to apply sun block so that direct sunlight is kept off. For people that might be undergoing tretinoin treatment, they should stop some one week before laser treatment. Persons pre-disposed to conditions like oral herpes need to be given antivirals. They should take them every day before and after treatment.

The laser procedure lasts for between 30 to 60 minutes but can go for longer depending on areas being treated. The face and neck will have their treatment taking longer. A covering is placed on the eyes to protect them. One will feel some warmth but in general, it is a comfortable process and might not need anesthesia.

The infra-red pulses are directed to required areas of the face and body. The lasers emit energy which are absorbed by water within the skin. This will affect collagen and finally contract which is what leads to tightening. There might be redness and warmth after treatment that diminishes within a couple of hours. Results can be realized between 90 and 180 days following treatment. This is the time required ti form new collagen.

There is swelling and redness as some of the complications that are expected. In very rare occasions, bruising and blistering can take place. If the resulting side effects are more serious, the doctor should be contacted at once.

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