The Discoveries In Using Self Tanning Lotion And How It Can Help

By Haywood Hunter

The sun is something that everyone has to be more aware of. A lot more folk are starting to realize that skin specialists are right and they are taking their advice because nobody wants to get skin cancer. It is important to wear protective sun cream. However, one should also opt for self tanning lotion.

This is a lotion which has been improved on over the years, and today you really don't know the different whether you have been lying on the beach for hours, or whether you just smeared a product on yourself. One thing is true, and that is that this is the more healthy approach. It is not going to give you skin cancer.

When these lotions came out, they were not very well designed and formulated because they were messy to apply and when the job was done they left your skin with a streaky effect. This did not look good and one could see that there was a difference from the real thing. One needs to concentrate on that bronze tan.

The way it is applied looks more natural as well because it does not leave a streaky appearance. This is what put people off as well. It was the difference between a bought product and a genuine tan. You didn't get streaks from the sun like that. However, now this is a lot better and the application process is more uniform.

These days, you will find that there is no difference between using a lotion or going into the sun. The only difference is that you will be confident that you are not going to develop wrinkles or skin cancer from smearing on a cream out of a bottle. It is a much healthier approach and dermatologists will always recommend this method.

You can go to a professional beauty salon and ask them to choose something for you because they are trained and experienced with this. After this, you will know what brand to choose and it will cut costs down. Of course, you can opt for the salon to do this for you every time. This just depends on your circumstances.

In the beginning, you need to take some time and effort find the right make and brand in order to match up your correct skin tone. This can be difficult, but you can also go to a salon and let them do it for you. They are experienced at this and it will be a once off, so it will probably be worth it, if you think about it.

In the past, tanning salons have been used as an alternative to the sun. Many women who work and wanted a quick fix would use this option and thought it was the safer alternative. However, they were misled, and found out that this was basically the same as using the sun because of the UV waves that it carried. The best thing that you can use is a lotion or a spray.

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