Need To Know Information Concerning Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

DHA is an approved product both by the FDA and its European equivalent the European Medicines Agency as a safe ingredient for use in pigment augmentation products. There are a list of other ingredients also used in cosmetic and beauty products that are even animal-friendly and increase changes of superior results. Let's examine a few of them for a better understanding of Sunless Tanning Lotion and your overall health.

Botanical ingredients aren't a new thing but just as they improved shampoos and creme rinses they continue to make their mark in the world of pigmentation altering. Such things as herbs, spices and oils from plants have made great advances in skin care, as well as the rest of your health. They are also animal-friendly.

The same can be said about organic products which are not tested on any animals but are grown naturally and offer to replace such things as Vitamin D. Coconut oil was used by ancient humans to help overcome the torture of sun dried skin, and other fruits and even vegetables offer replenishment of skin healthy ingredients. Don't forget about herbs as they have wonderful healing properties, too.

Moisturizing agents have been around since ancient humans first put oils on their skin to prevent drying and chapping. And in modern times some of those ingredients are still in use, like coconut oil for skin and hair. Other natural plants provide healthy products to add to the mix of getting a great bronze body without risk of itchy dry skin to contend with afterward.

Another issue you need to ask a professional about is how long the color lasts and if there are any products to help keep it looking nice much longer. Personal hygiene often plays a role in this facet but there are other products you can use before and after to help keep that lovely tan for a longer period of time.

Cosmeceuticals is a new science that began with the cosmetics industry was young and needed guidance toward products that didn't do more harm than good. As a result, it is possible today to have faith in what you buy. But there is still the caution to read labels and ask for advice from those who are in the know before launching off on your own.

You can find a long list of chemicals in most products on the shelf that should never have been used in any type of human care. But to make sure what is in the beauty products you buy simply ask a professional in your town for advice on what works best and has no harmful products. Keep in mind that children are especially sensitive to certain ingredients and choose what is best for them.

Body beautiful isn't a new term but it is every bit as important to life as it ever was. And when cosmetics that change your skin tone are in question it is your responsibility to investigate what you are buying. With a little common sense and careful planning you can find exactly the right product for the tan you wish to keep.

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