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By Margaret Peterson

Body waxing has now become so popular, as it is considered an affordable and safe way that one can remove hair. The procedure is easy. If you have not tried it, one can tend to be scared. The worst is that you fear what you do not know. It is tough to know what to await. The article answers some of the questions that individuals commonly as concerning waxing services Boston. This helps you know what to expect when you go for waxing.

Do you have to let your hair grow for a while so as the wax can work? For good results, leave your hair for around three weeks. You may get uncomfortable. However, the procedure of getting waxed will need enough hair for attachment. This will then ensure the best results.

You may not know what to do so as to get your body ready for polishing. You need to avoid any sun exposure for about 48 hours before you are waxed. About three days before you go for polishing, you ought to lightly exfoliate the area that is being waxed. Use an exfoliator that you can use on your body. Avoid over scrubbing. On the day you are to get waxed, you ought to thoroughly cleanse the area that is being waxed. However, you should not exfoliate of applying any form of lotions or powders.

Is polishing painful? This is the question that most individuals will ask first. To be honest, the initial process tends to be discomforting and painful. However, different people handle pain in different levels. Remember, the first polishing is the one that is most painful and uncomfortable as the hair to be removed is more. The discomfort reduces with each visit.

Many people also ask if they should remove their panties when getting a bikini wax. Having the panties off or on will depend on you. You may want to remain covered but prevent your panties from getting into contact with the wax. The esthetician will provide you with a disposable underwear to use.

After polishing, you ought to also know the post-waxing skin care. You must treat your skin to a little relaxation and rest for about 48 hours after you have been waxed. You should also avoid the sun for about 24 hours and stay away from any tanning bed for 48 hours. You should also not apply any lotions or powder, especially those that have alcohol and scents. They can set up a burning sting on your skin.

You may also wonder how long you can go between polishing without seeing any hair. This will depend on how you have been maintaining your polishing and the growth rate of your hair. You can be hairless for about two to six weeks. The longer you have been polishing, the longer your hair takes to reappear.

You may still wonder if you should wax or shave. There may be times when you do not remember the last time you shaved. You may also have been in situations where you have to keep readjusting your swimsuit so as to hide your hairs. In these cases, polishing can be a good solution for you. Once you have a routine, you may never want to shave again.

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