Getting The Best Self Tanning Lotion For Your Money

By Haywood Hunter

If you would like to have a tan that looks like you just came back from a relaxing beach vacation, you are not alone. However, getting a dark deep tan from the sun or a salon is not the most popular method these days. Too much UV exposure can cause skin damage and in some cases, cancer. That is the reason that many concerned consumers are choosing self tanning lotion, and here are a few tips for getting the most from your products.

When you use sunless suntan lotions you need to keep your skin moist. This keeps it supple and looking good, and you should think about using some kind of skin moisturizer ahead of time. Yet, when you choose a top quality product, you also get moisturizing ingredients. This can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Streaking is a common problem with many of the inexpensive sunless tanning products on the market today. Like anything else, you get what you pay for, so always opt for the highest of quality. Also, you can prevent streaking by waiting several hours after shaving, moisturizing, and exfoliating your skin, before you apply your suntan cream.

The best suntan products are very simple to use. Choose products that come with a pump application. This insures that you get an equal amount of cream each time you apply. You also will have an easier time applying your cream if you use rubber gloves. This keeps from staining the hands, especially the palms. You also may wish to stand on a cloth or an old towel, to keep from getting cream on the floor.

Results with suntan creams can vary a lot, depending on what kind of skin you have. For instance, if your skin is fair, your tan may be very dark. Dark skin individuals may notice tans that are not dark enough. This usually does not happen when you buy quality lotions as they work well with dark and light skin.

Many products contain preservatives and chemicals that can be dangerous to your health, if used long term. To avoid these problems, only use lotions that are made from all natural ingredients. Sugar based ingredients are some of the most popular choices these days. They can give you a dark tan in as little as three hours.

The top products usually deliver the best results. If you want to know which suntan creams work well, check out online reviews. Make sure it is a reliable source that uses honest reviews from actual customers that you can contact. Here is a good way to tell if you are looking at honest reviews. Not all of them will be good reviews, as you can't please everyone.

A sunless tanning product is only as good as the company and customer support it provides. Always go with a company that has been in business for years and has a solid reputation, like Sun Laboratories. These companies formulate, bottle, and ship their products all over the planet. Top rated customer support is there with answers to questions and solutions to your problems. You can contact them through a toll free telephone number or through email.

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