Examining Best Self Tanner Available

By Haywood Hunter

Tanned skin has stayed as a never ending trend especially within the culture of white people. The darker skin is considered more beautiful than the much whiter skin. Tanning can easily be done by exposing the skin to the sun so that more melanin is produced to get a darker complexion. There are times when there is never any sign of the sun and these people may still prefer the tanned skin. This is why they buy the self-tanners and the following are tips for choosing the best self tanner.

Scientists have done a lot of study for a long time and they managed to invent the self-tanning lotions that are very effective. These tanners are manufactured with the best and most lavish ingredients that definitely work to give the users the most natural looking tanned complexion. These lotions may also have additional benefits like moisturizing of skin and giving it a beautiful look.

The real challenge comes when a user wants to identify which tanning products are good. There are very many manufacturers of sunless tanning products and all say their products are the best. Many are manufactured in the form of lotions, milks, gels, creams, pills or sprays. They can be acquired in many locations like drugstores, beauty salons or even from online stores. But how can a user know which product to use?

Beauty professionals have done a lot of study so as to figure out which tanners are good for human use. They have spoken with experts from this industry, looked at the sales figures of different products and also listened to some of the opinions of users. Some have even been scientifically tested. Some of the main factors that determine how good a tanner are the smell, the span of time they stay on skin, their drying time or even the color.

Self-tanning has been in existence for a very long time. It was invented in 1960 by the Coppertone cosmetic company. The first products led to an orange looking tan. They have been improved over time so that now the ones available now produce a more natural look to the skin and they even work very fast. Some work immediately after application while others take longer like 45 minutes before the difference in skin color is noticed.

Self-tanning however does not have the power to protect the skin from the dangers of ultra violet rays. This is because this skin tan does not work by producing melanin like the normal one does. People who use these methods to tan should therefore make good use of sunscreens to avoid sun burns when they are exposed to the sun.

Dehydroacetone which is referred to as DHA is usually present in self-tan lotions. This chemical usually reacts with the dead cells found on the dermal level of membrane that causes the color to change therefore making skin to appear tanned. There are also some that work internally like the pills. These internal tanners interfere with the internal organs to cause skin color change.

Using these products may be dangerous sometimes especially the oral ones. They may cause some health problems like hepatitis and may also affect the retina by formation of yellow deposits in the eye. They also have effects on some of the internal structures such as the liver.

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