Benefits Of Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

By Christine Allen

Therapeutic massage for expectant mommies is beneficial especially in reducing stress, alleviate muscle tension and improve health. But getting a treatment while pregnant has received different responses, both positive and negative from the health community when it comes to its safety and purposes. But research says that getting a massage is an essential part of the overall prenatal care of expectant moms.

Actually, it is a way to stay healthy throughout pregnancy and a way to promote wellness while reducing stress. It helps alleviate different normal discomforts experienced while pregnant such as leg cramps, backaches, headaches, and swelling. Additionally, a massage therapy San Rafael CA for expectant moms encourages blood circulations and helps to relax which is a key contributor to have a good sleep.

If you are thinking about this treatment, be sure to look for a reliable and qualified therapist who specializes in such field. You should ask your medical specialist for recommendations. Also, look for better options on the internet as possible to gather more options. After finding good therapists in San Rafael CA, be sure to ask questions about their training and qualifications.

Although different training programs and institutions are designed meant for massage therapy for pregnant moms, it would still best to hire a therapist who is accredited and certified in this field. Basically, therapeutic massage depends on different techniques such as Swedish massage techniques. This gentle and noninvasive approach can simply ease all discomforts you experience during your pregnancy.

This technique reduces muscle tension while improving blood flow. Some therapists may burn incense and use aromatic oils to heighten your sensory experience. However, there are some oils that need to be avoided including basil, rosemary, peppermint, and oregano. You may also choose low scented or nonscented oils to make sure.

Basically, kneading and rubbing of joints and muscles of the body with the hands during pregnancy may differ from regular practices because of the risk factors. Massaging the points within the ankles and wrists can stimulate the uterus to contract. Also, the therapist needs a high level of gentleness and sensitivity to ensure the safety of your baby. Some expectant parents book a therapist to provide them relaxation and boost their emotional connectedness.

If done carefully, it has proven to reduce stress hormones in the body. It could increase the hormone levels for depressed women. Furthermore, it may also lead to reduce anxiety and eliminate health issues. There is often an improvement in the mood of expectant moms after getting a therapy.

A pregnant woman usually finds the treatment as a rejuvenating process as it gives them the chance to relax and rest. For some women, it helps alleviate heartburn and nausea. Such therapy also lead to muscle and joint relaxation. It becomes more helpful for women who suffer from sciatic nerve pains. The good thing is that it improves the ongoing labor with good health results for both the baby and the mother.

Keep in mind that such treatment is not meant for all expectant moms. Of course, there are factors to consider, especially if your doctor does not support the idea. If you have a higher risk of premature labor and hypertension, then try to avoid these approaches for your own safety and your baby, too.

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