Applying Self Tanning Lotion For A Realistic Bronze Complexion Trouble Free

By Haywood Hunter

You might think that sitting under the blazing sun is a cost-free and easy way to darken your skin tone naturally. However, there is always the possibility of you ending up with skin cancer some time in the future. Sunbathing may make your complexion look lovelier but the fact is it damages your skin, causing those premature aging signs to show up. It's for all of these reasons why the application of self tanning lotion is preferred by individuals who want to look great minus the risks.

Using this product is better that bathing in the sun for several reasons. The most obvious of them all is you enjoy considerably reduced chances of suffering from skin cancer. You certainly don't want to end up with this kind of dreaded sickness no matter the form. If it's not detected and effectively treated by a specialist during the early stages, it could cost you your life.

With an indoor tanner, you can effectively steer clear from dreaded skin cancer as it does not require you to be exposed to the UV rays of the sun for a darker complexion. After applying the product, you just have to let it dry fully before getting dressed. An instant change in your complexion that gets darker and darker can be enjoyed without stepping foot outside.

The chemical known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the one responsible why a sunless tanner works so effectively. It may sound like it's a harsh chemical but it is actually 100% natural as it comes from sugar cane. When DHA gets into contact with the film of dead cells sitting on the skin's topmost layer, the alteration in your skin tone immediately begins.

You will notice an immediate alteration in your skin tone. Do take note that this is the work of the bronzer and not DHA. The added ingredient allows you to attain a lovelier complexion while the active ingredient is still doing its job. The initial effect of DHA becomes evident in a couple of hours. You may wash off the bronzer after 4-6 hours in order to reveal the work of DHA.

The intensity of the tan will depend on the formulation of the indoor tanner you go for. If you want a subtle change in your complexion, opt for the light variant. Going for ultra dark lets you obtain a really dramatic change in skin color. It is a good idea for you to go for a tan shade close to your natural skin tone in order to end up with a realistic look.

You may be intimidated by getting a fake tan especially if you haven't tried applying a self tanner in the past. You should worry not because it's as simple as spreading your favorite hand and body lotion all over your body. Putting on a pair of latex gloves or simply washing your hands right away saves your palms from ending up stained and revealing that your tan is fake.

Proper application of the tanner is important for an impressive outcome. You should also go for the best product on today's market. Asking for personal recommendations or reading online reviews lets you find the perfect tanner to buy and apply.

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